Enabling Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability


Enabling Supply Chain Transparency & Traceability

As a member of the Operations team at a food and beverage company, you know that evolving government regulations like the FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety and increasing consumer concerns with the food they eat means that traceability is more important now than ever before.

ProLinc®, by Ashton Potter, is the forensic traceability solution you need to meet today’s food safety standards and maximize your ROI. At a single scan of a food item’s label, our technology allows you to unlock granular, real-time data on ingredients and batches to ensure quality standards are met and compliance records are maintained.

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Why ProLinc® for Operations?

As a holistic solution for food traceability, ProLinc® has many compelling benefits for food and beverage operations. Here are just a few of them.

It provides quick access to centralized data for granular traceability.

ProLinc® provides the robust capabilities and granular insight required to trace food across the global supply chain—exceeding the capacity of track and trace modules baked into ERPs which are not specialized for the compliance requirements of food and beverage.

It offers proactive recall prevention & resolution.

By tracking every ingredient, food item, and batch, ProLinc® allows operations to identify potential areas of compromise in real time to resolve issues before food items leave the factory.

It increases visibility across systems & processes.

ProLinc® breaks down data silos across disparate systems that cause inefficiencies, allowing food and beverage companies to automate data collection and make real-time, data-driven decisions based on critical KPIs.

It comes with a responsive and ongoing partnership.

Though our White Glove Integration team, we can seamlessly set up ProLinc® into your environment without hassle, training your team to generate reports and customize dashboards from the onset and providing ongoing support moving forward.

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“My goal is to help food and beverage companies rise to the challenge of an evolving food landscape by providing them the tools they need to automate food traceability, generate reports at a single click, and access data down to the individual ingredient.”

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Selecting a powerful traceability solution is one of the most important actions an Operations professional in food and beverage can take. Access the Value Guide to learn how ProLinc®, by Ashton Potter, is uniquely capable of serving the needs of Operations in managing the food supply chain from field to fork.

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