Many goals—one, unified solution for food and beverage manufacturers.

Raising the bar for food safety and accountability begins with visibility and control. Total visibility and control over your food and beverage supply chain begins with Ashton Potter.

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Designed for the unique challenges and opportunities food and beverage operations face, our food safety solutions pair best-in-class technology with tamper-proof labels and expert integration services, rapidly connecting manufacturers to the insights they need to raise the bar for product integrity from the field, to the factory, and the fork.


Our transformative, SaaS-based track and trace technology, which has been powerfully evolved for the unique requirements of food and beverage operations like yours.

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Tamper-Proof Labels

Highly-scalable tamper-proof labeling solutions that pair the most advanced printing and imaging technologies with nearly a century of experience in government-grade high security printing.

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White Glove Services

End-to-end services to help you put processes in place to power total product integrity—from report design, to implementation, integration with your existing systems, and ongoing support.

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ProLinc® Technology

ProLinc® is an advanced product security offering that delivers rigorous, Blockchain-enabled security, scalable serialization and traceability, high-velocity data, and global yet granular product-level insight.

Singularly focused on securing every food product in the supply chain to protect your customers and your bottom line, ProLinc provides a ready answer to the rigorous challenges today’s food and beverage manufacturers face.

Here’s what ProLinc can do:

  • Serve up ingredient-, product-, and batch-level insights with a single scan at any point in the product lifecycle.
  • Process massive quantities of high-velocity product data in real time, currently servicing some of the world’s largest public and private organizations.
  • Scale to the billions of records, serving global food and beverage operations with a large number of distributed sites and SKUs.
  • Create a single, incorruptible record of product data, stored in a highly-secure Blockchain-enabled database.
  • Work seamlessly with existing systems and processes to power total traceability and control throughout your operation.
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Tamper-Proof Labels

Securing the food and beverage supply chain requires more than great technology. It requires each item and batch to sport tamper-proof identifiers that cannot be compromised or replicated, even in today’s advanced threat landscape.

With nearly a century of experience in government-grade security printing, Ashton Potter harnesses the most advanced printing and imaging techniques to serialize and secure all of your products, no matter where they are on their journey from factory to fork.

Our Tamper-Proof Labeling solutions are:

  • Built upon nearly 100 years of expertise in government-grade high security printing applications.
  • Highly scalable to your needs, currently servicing some of the world’s largest public and private organizations.
  • Adaptive and flexible, with the ability to produce labels off-site at Ashton Potter’s facility or on-site in your very own environment.
  • Advanced and innovative, leveraging techniques like Nano Printing, Guilloche Patterns, Intaglio Lathe or Vignette, Tamper-Evident Adhesives, and more.
Tamper-Proof Labeling

White Glove Services

Your product security solution is only as good as the processes in place to unleash its transformative impact in your manufacturing environment.

Together with our vast network of skilled integration partners, we deliver the end-to-end services you need to realize immense efficiency and profitability gains—from integration with your existing systems, to report design, training, and ongoing support.

With our White Glove Services you can:

  • Implement and optimize a process to proactive serialization throughout the supply chain—from the field, to the factory floor, and beyond.
  • Seamlessly integrate ProLinc technology with your existing enterprise tools, including your ERP system and factory equipment.
  • Get the most out of your product data with custom report design and coordination with cross-functional business intelligence tools.
  • Ensure your entire team is poised for success with on-site and on-demand remote training options.
  • Tap into on-demand customer support, led by Ashton Potter’s team of product security experts.
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Explore Our Solutions

With ProLinc, security labels, and expert services from Ashton Potter, your food and beverage operations can achieve universal field-to-fork visibility in order to:

dangerous recalls

Prevent & Isolate Dangerous Recalls

In today’s food landscape, prevalent product recalls continue to top the headlines. Learn how our food traceability technology can help today’s growers and  manufacturers proactively prevent dangerous product recalls, and rapidly address them when they occur.

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engage customers

Engage Customers & Earn Their Trust

Modern consumers want more than consistent, quality food. They want to know where the food they consume came from, whether that no GMO claim is valid, and if supply chain practices were ethical. Discover how our solution enables consumers to verify product origin on-demand to build lasting loyalty.

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streamline compliance

Streamline Compliance & Tax Management

The cost of food and beverage compliance continues to rise. Meanwhile, manufacturers are tasked with meticulously managing tax liabilities. See how our solution streamlines compliance management and reporting for food and beverage operations.

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realize efficiencies

Optimize Supply Chain Practices

To slow down is to fall behind. As food and beverage manufacturers compete on a global stage, they are challenged to continually deliver on quality and integrity while reducing production costs. Learn how our solution optimizes the food and beverage supply chain to unlock greater efficiencies.

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